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Connect The Dots

As children we were often amused by playing games.  They were simple, fun and entertained us for hours on end.

Additionally, our parents often wanted the games that were played to have educational value. 

Some of those early games could have included the use of flash cards to learn basic arithmetic, a shape cube to help learn geometrical designs as well as help our manual dexterity or basic reading books to help in the learning of vocabulary and putting simple sentences together.

Another such fun game to help young children with their thinking and use of a pencil or crayon were puzzles known as "connecting the dots."  In this puzzle, the instructions were to connect with a line dot one to two to three and so forth. When all of the dots were connected a picture or illustration would emerge.

If you think about it, there are a number of similarities between this simple game of connecting the dots and things that happen in our life or that we are involved with.

For example, when planning a trip or actually taking a trip a number of dots, representing different stops towards the final destination, maybe part of the itinerary. Therefore, to go from one location to another location requires the connecting of the dots and making the appropriate accommodations for that particular location or dot.

Additionally when planning for one's future, there are a number of dots that need to be connected so that the image is revealed or the plan for the future is achieved.  Those dots that need to be connected may include dot one which could be graduation from high school, dot two could be a higher education pursuit, dot three could be the experience needed, dot four may include additional education, dot five maybe the pursuit of a job, dot six could be starting a family, etc. 

Unfortunately, life is not that easy where we just simply connect the dots and voilà our dreams and pictures of our future emerge.

Sometimes, because of the adventure called life, we may skip a dot, miss a dot or fail, for whatever reason, choose not to follow the dots which then provides a whole different picture than the one we envisioned.

connect the dots.png

In addition, to our personal and professional lives, the connecting of dots could be part of the process towards experiencing success in our business. 

This is because most entrepreneurs have a vision of what they wish their business to accomplish or what success looks like. In order to achieve this success there are a number of steps or dots that need to be connected along the way so that that vision of the business owner comes into focus or a picture of what success looks like to the industriousness CEO.

Specifically, those dots that need to be connected also have a name.  The names of some of those dots could include strategic planning, marketing, inventory control, training for staff, leadership training, accounting processes, etc. and etc.

At With Purpose, based on our experience and education, we can come alongside you and your team to help clearly define the dots that need to be connected and to assist in the process of connecting all the dots.  Sometimes, connecting the dots is a simple process and sometimes connecting the dots may require another set of eyes as the dots are not clearly defined or obvious.

We encourage you to reach out to With Purpose today and allow us to be one of the important dots that your business connects to in order to bring the success of your business into focus.

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