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When it comes to enjoying the success of one's life or business, it is important to understand and embrace that the business and or our personal success is not thriving due to it's successful endeavors, but built on failures.

 One prominent historical figure that reflects the reality of learning from failures was Abraham Lincoln.  History shares with us that as a young man through his service in the U.S. Army he held the rank of Captain.  Upon returning from his military service he held the rank of private.

Additionally, he opened his own law practice in Springfield, Illinois.  However, due to his uneven temperament coupled with his impracticality doomed his attempts at practicing law.  Of course, we know too well about his success as the 16th president of the United States, but seldom hear of his defeat during his first attempt at running for office.

Another great figure in history was Winston Churchill.  Through his leadership and inspiration, he guided the nation of Great Britain through it's darkest time during World War II.  Fortunately, Churchill experienced incidents of failure that prepared him for this transformational role.  During his elementary school days he repeated a grade, failed the entrance exam for admission into the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst (twice) and he too suffered political defeat at his first attempt at public service. 

Churchill is often quoted as saying, "Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never, never…"

Perhaps, rather than subscribing to the typical definition of failure we need to think of defining fail as an acronym.  That acronym, as listed in "Do Good to Lead Well" by Craig Dowden is From Action I Learn or First Attempt In Learning.

Consequently, as business owners and leaders don't be afraid to "F.A.I.L.  Remember a less than optimum result is a proven method that simply doesn't work.

 Also, please remember that With Purpose stands ready to help you identify and partner with you and your stakeholders to work through those less than optimum times and develop strategies that build on your F.A.I.L. learning experiences to move you, your leadership and company forward built on these incredible learning experiences.

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Let us use our failures as stepping stones not stumbling blocks.       

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