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During the years of 1642 through 1651, the country of England was at war with itself.  

It was during this civil war that Lord Oliver Cromwell served as a Lieutenant General in the ranks of the Parliament in their opposition to Charles I.  Cromwell was not only a political leader but distinguished himself on the battlefield as a capable strategist and inspirational leader to those in his command.


One such legendary story that is attributed to Cromwell regards his command to his soldiers to locate silver so that more currency could be produced.  Ultimately, their quest for this precious metal took them to the very altars of a local church. They reported back to Cromwell stating that the only silver to be found were in the corners of this church, but they were in cast in the form of the early day saints.

Cromwell's command, "Melt the saints down and put them in circulation." 

On the surface, the direction given by Cromwell was very practical and needful given the fact that there was a shortage of silver to support the army.

For us today, upon hearing this direction from Cromwell, there are a multitude of implications for us personally and on a variety of other levels. 

However, for the sake of this blog let us use this command as it relates to our business.

Specifically, are there business assets of yours that are precious in nature and yet are in the corner and not being put to full and practical use?

Some of those business assets could include office space, underutilized technology, missed opportunities of further connecting with your customers, etc.

In addition, for some businesses, one of the most neglected and shelved assets is the company's personnel.

We at, With Purpose, can help with maximizing your human resource assets and putting them into full circulation. 

We can assist you by conducting ongoing leadership training, facilitating a SWOT analysis, working together in analyzing organizational flow within your business, etc.

We accomplish these goals through education, empowerment and encouragement.

Contact us today so that we can put your "saints" into full operational mode.

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