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Business Check Up

Late yesterday afternoon I received the most dreaded phone call that for me, rivals the worst news that I could ever hear.

It was the doctor's assistant calling trying to schedule my annual physical checkup.

Of course, I exaggerate, but without fail, it seems that my medical evaluation includes one or more of the following words.  Those words generally include overweight, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol (of course the bad cholesterol), etc.

I realize that none of this negative news has anything to do with the doctor's exam or their professionalism.  They're just utilizing their training and skills and telling me like it is. It is up to me to take the proper steps, based on their proven advice, to ensure that I do something about my health and address the less than optimum medical news that I have received. 

And so, it is time for your business to undergo that annual "physical."

That "business physical" conducted by With Purpose will measure the weight of your operations and suggest methods and procedures that will help your operation to maintain its healthy business weight.  

In addition, we stand ready to evaluate the body of your business. 

This "exam" will identify clogging issues that prevent the proper circulation of your business procedures, check your vision as it relates to goal setting and strategies and evaluate the overall health of your company.

In addition, we will educate, encourage and empower your business team in challenging and strengthening the company in order to meet the business demands and to remain vibrant and healthy.

Finally, we at With Purpose don’t just dispense instructions and prescriptions.  As we are invited, we work alongside of our customers to not only devise a plan but to help our "patients" work that plan to be successful.

Make an appointment today, step on the scale and begin the health evaluation of your organization.