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Business Audits & Why You Need Them

The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones."

- John Maynard 

We were scheduled for an audit. 

We had requested this audit. 

You would have thought we were crazy, but we wanted them to look at everything.  We wanted them to take their time, inspect everything, no holds barred, find items that were being done incorrectly and report them to us.  

We welcomed the full light of exposure that the audit would bring.

However, to be clear this was not a financial audit, but an energy audit.

business audit.jpg

This audit was going to inspect and report to us where we were losing and wasting energy.  Additionally, because we are a nonprofit, we would be eligible for a significant discounted grant to upgrade our plant to be more energy efficient.

This audit would reveal what was wrong, where we could make improvements, make our operation more efficient and consequently same us money in the long run.

The day of the audit came and we failed miserably.  

There were thermostats in every room and controlled by the individual employee to meet their own personal heating and cooling needs.  Energy was escaping out of large untinted single page windows. Old ballast type fluorescent lighting was everywhere and consuming large quantities of KWH like a ravenous teenager at a buffet restaurant.

We were an energy mess.

Long story short we made the needed adjustments, replaced the energy consuming light fixtures with low energy consuming LED fixtures, tinted the windows, replaced some of the thermostats, changed the outdoor lighting, put new seals on the commercial refrigeration and freezer units, etc.

Consequently, we reduced our monthly energy bills and realized a savings of around a $1,000 a year.  It may not seem like a great amount of money, but for a nonprofit it was exciting.

In addition, there were side benefits.  Our donors stepped up their giving as they appreciated our efforts to manage donations wisely.  Also, the members of the staff appreciated leadership allowing the audit to happen and as a result they became more energy conscious and increased their saving activities.

With Purpose is in the audit business.  Our audits are not financial or energy audits, but business organizational audits.

When we are invited in we observe the flow of communication within the organization, team building dynamics, energy flow from strategic planning, etc.  We then offer strategies to infuse an increased level of energy within the organization. The purpose or goal being to ultimately ratchet up your company's business processes, build teamwork and help to increase your company's bottom line.

Call us today to schedule your "energy" audit.

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