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What Is The Purpose Of Your Business?

To provide a full and successful experience for the clients of our homeless shelter, we decided to pursue the provision of dental services. 

Our thinking was to eliminate all potential barriers for the homeless person and for the individual to become self-sufficient in grasping the ultimate goal of employment.

Obviously, none of the shelter staff knew anything about the hiring of a dental hygienist.  This new employee would work with volunteer dentists and help to provide extractions, fillings, dentures, etc.  So we enlisted the aid of a volunteer dentist to help in the recruitment and hiring process.

The day came when we began interviewing a number of the applicants.  

Due to our inexperience, we let the dentist take the lead on composing the interview questions. The standard and expected questions were asked that would reveal their knowledge of dental hygiene and ability to assist the dentist in various procedures. 

In addition, the dental professional from the community brought a number of dental instruments and asked the applicant to identify those instruments and relay to the panel what their use was.

However, one intriguing question, one I had never heard asked before, was posed to the applicant as to why manhole covers were round (don't know if this question would hold up to the standard of political correctness)? 

From the various expressions of the candidates, we could tell that this was a question that they were not accustomed to answering during a job interview, but evidently is a question to test the cognitive thinking skills of the applicant.

In looking back at this experience it made me wonder about the various processes that we practice and what is the purpose of why we do what we do?  

This is especially applicable in operating our businesses.

For example, did you know that there is even a purpose to the various peculiarities in the manufacturing of tennis balls and that even the "fuzz" that covers the standard ball has a specific purpose? 

Specifically, there are three reasons as to why the tennis ball is covered with that "fuzz." 

The first reason is that it provides resistance and slows down the ball, the furry covering also regulates the bounce of the ball and thirdly it enhances the surface of the ball so that a spin can be developed by the player.

All this to say, is that your business processes should be purposeful as well. 

In other words every business activity or every business action that is developed, taken and instituted should "bounce" in accordance with the business goals and purposes of that business.

Consequently, the question that business leadership needs to reflect on and answer is that of purpose.  Does the leadership team and team members know what the purpose or "spin" is for the business that is driven by strategies, training, actions, directions, etc.?

We, at With Purpose, can assist in this purposeful process by helping to bring clarity through leadership development, strategic planning, education, empowerment and encouragement.

Reach out to us to day and add the "fuzz" to your business!

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