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The Beauty Of Change

Jack Welch, the successful CEO of General Electric, is quoted as saying, "Change before you have to."

Change is inevitable!

The changing seasons are a testimony of the transformation that occurs in our physical world and environment.  Physical changes are also reflected back at us as when we look in the mirror and see that individual with a few more gray hairs or additional smile lines. 

Change is all around us and in us.

These are beautiful changes because they are natural and are a reflection of the way that life and its components are intended to be. For example, the richness of the leaves of autumn turning to flaming reds and golden browns are a testimony to the vibrancy, naturalness and expectation of change in our world. Additionally, the reflection of that older looking person in the mirror is a welcomed change because the countenance reflects maturity not aging and the fact that we are alive.

In the business world, we also see and experience the onward flow of change as the successful business man or woman navigates and meets the demands of changing trends and directions and courses in the ever changing business community.  These changes can be overwhelming and daunting and difficult to accept.

However, change, again, can be a beautiful thing because in the midst of the change around us there is one constant. 

That constant, in the business world, is the value of teamwork that pulls together and overcomes the uncertainty of demanding new directions realized through the outward pressures placed on the business to adjust.  

Change is a good thing because your business is dynamic and not static.  Your business is ever moving, ever evolving, ever transforming and ever changing.  Your business is a living entity empowered by you and your team in service to your customers.

At With Purpose we come alongside you and your team and, through practical engagement, strengthen the human resource core of your company by facilitating any needed changes to accept the beauty of change.  

We stand ready to serve you!

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