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Are You Checking Your Business Light?

While running some errands the other day, something that strikes fear and hopelessness into the hearts of drivers happened to me.

The dreaded amber check engine light came on.  

I don't know if you're like me, but all I could think of was an expense that I did not budget for, working through the inconvenience of taking the vehicle to a repair shop and, ultimately, experience the feeling of not being in control.

Therefore, wishing to take control of the situation, I went to a local automotive supply shop and purchased a diagnostic scan tool.  

I was trying to convince myself that I could correct the problem that caused the check engine light to overpower my dashboard and my life.

Browsing through the instruction manual, I located the data link connector in my vehicle, attached the scanning device, pressed the enter button and sure enough an error code was returned.  The returned code that registered on the digital display was PO400.

check engine light.jpg

Encouraged by my progress, I returned to the manual to find out what that returned code meant.  By the way, the manual listed 999 codes that the lit check engine could represent. In my particular case the code PO400 meant that my EGR flow had malfunctioned.

Suddenly, I didn't seem as courageous as I took to the Internet to interpret this foreign language to me.  

I found out that EGR stands for Exhaust Gas Recirculation and is a valve that helps to maximize fuel efficiency.  After much research and correspondingly a significant investment of time, I was able to determine where the EGR valve was located and what I needed to do.  This valve, in all likelihood had miles and miles of built up carbon that was causing the malfunction along with poor fuel efficiency and for the check engine light to, figuratively, blind me.

Consequently, all I needed to do, suggested the YouTube video, was to remove the valve held on by three bolts, unclip the wire giving the unit power, clean the unit of the carbon build up and reassemble.  All this in hopes that this was the problem and a replacement valve was not called for.

With one more trip in order, I went back to the automotive supply store and asked for some carbon cleaning product.  Fortunately, the experienced sales clerk asked leading questions and when I told him that my EGR valve was clogged with carbon (I impressed myself), he took me to the specific product aisle that shelved the product.  He further explained that there were three products that would work and that these additives simply needed to be added into the fuel tank. Stunned and thinking this was too easy I made sure I was hearing properly by making sure I didn't need to take the valve off the vehicle for cleaning, but simply needed to add the product into the gas tank.  

He responded by saying that was correct.

Wow it worked!  As of this writing, I am check engine light free.

The parallels of this story and with what With Purpose can bring to your business are clear.

Often, we know our business is not as "fuel efficient" as it should be, but we don't know what is going on.  We don't have the benefit of a "check engine light" on the dashboard of our business. Additionally, even if we know what is wrong, we sometimes don't know how to correct the "carbon clog" and, through no fault of our own, we have reached the limits of our experience and knowledge. 

Therefore, sometimes we just need to reach out to others who have the experience or knowledge to help us clear the "fault codes" in our business and getting us running again profitably and efficiently.

Why not reach out to us today and allow With Purpose to not only be your diagnostic tool to help in identifying "fault codes", but also provide solutions that are least evasive and in the long run minimize your expenses and eventually increase your profit?

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