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Business Reflections

"Your business and results are a reflection of you.  Your business and results will grow in direct proportion to your own growth.”

James Arthur Ray

Consider your morning routine and I daresay that many of the early morning checklist items involve the use of a mirror.  

Perhaps it is the brushing of one's teeth, combing the hair, checking for new gray hair, expressing your undying love and devotion to the person staring back, etc.

Physical mirrors are important for they capture the outward image and help the individual to visualize what others see during their daily interactions.  Mirrors can enhance one's confidence, can help to improve the reflected image, reveal embarrassing pieces of lunch that may still be lingering, reflect attitudes, body language etc. 

Mirrors are also an important part of the business life.  The mirrors of businesses are the resources of employees, the company's fleet, advertisement, the business plan, leadership and quite frankly every aspect of the business dynamics.   

Those dynamics range from customer service, to delivery of product, to invoicing, to customer satisfaction.  The entire full length mirror image is captured.

And, the entire operation mirrors the entire business persona, commitment and dedication of the owner.    

Additionally, and unfortunately, the business mirror sometimes becomes clouded. This clouding can be caused by smudges accumulated over time.

We at With Purpose stand ready to bring into focus the image, your business image, which is seen in the mirror to full clarity.  We accomplish this by applying the cleaning solvent of goal setting to wipe away the distortion caused by the day to day business activity, to wash away the residue of the mundane in order to refocus the goal and mission of the business and to provide a clean reflection for the future by breaking through the smudges.

Finally, in the words of the above quote by James Arthur Ray, it is important that the reflection of the business reflects, with crystal clarity, the full business image and commitment of the owner.  

Remember, the dynamics and service of the business is a direct reflection of the owner.  

With Purpose can enhance your image and therefore your reflection into the community that the business owner serves.  This lucidity can be accomplished through strategic planning, goal setting and leadership development.

Call us today at (480) 280.6505 for your initial "no cost" consultation and your journey to restore reflection clarity.

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