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The forecast was for 100 plus degree temperatures on this first day of July in western Texas. While others scrambled for air conditioned comfort my shelter of “choice” was a four tire sauna whose battery’s time had come. 

After many disappointing turns of the key in the ignition the early prognosis was a dead battery. Spying a Walmart in the distance my adventure continued as I began my trek to purchase a replacement. Fifteen minutes later and perspiration soaked, I arrived at the automotive department only to find that the old battery was needed to replace the new battery. With frustration mounting and purchased tools in hand, the arduous journey back commenced.

Returning to the scene of the crime the hood of the vehicle was raised symbolizing my surrender. Suddenly a voice in a thick Texas drawl asked, “Would you like some help?” With that question it seemed like the heat of the day was dramatically reduced by 20 degrees. Straightening up and turning around I came face to chin with my 6’4, gray haired, mustached, boot-wearing cowboy. 

I said, “I have a dead battery.” 

Wanting to be the Lone Ranger and adhering to the code of the west I tried to release him from my predicament by thanking and telling him that I was in the process of removing the battery from the car to take it over to Walmart. 

With that he took a wrench from the set that was purchased and went right to work. I watch amazed! 

This man, who obviously knew his way under the hood of the car, easily disconnected the two cables. But then the difficult task of loosening the bolt that held the battery in place at its base presented the next challenge. Difficult only because the tools purchased were not the right tools for the job. 

I watched, to my shame, as he struggled and persisted. Beads of sweat began falling off the Good Samaritan's brow and I winced as he scraped his knuckles. My turns were clumsy and betrayed my mechanical ability or rather inability. 

I was embarrassed. He was gracious and ignored my futile attempts. Finally, he managed to loosen the bolt so that the battery could be removed. 

 “Thank you ever so much Bryce,” I said as I tried to prevent him from feeling any further obligation he might have felt. To my amazement he stated, “Hop in and I’ll take you over to get it swapped out.” 

Being dropped off at the store front he said that he would be watching out for me and that together we would take the battery back to the car. Upon emerging with my purchase and true to his word he pulled up and off we went. 

Arriving at the car, I did the installation myself. 

Somehow with him standing there I was filled with confidence and even dispelled the nagging question, “What if this wasn’t the problem?” Slipping behind the wheel of the car, the inserted key in the ignition was turned in synchronization with a whispered prayer. The engine roared to life.

With a sigh of relief, I bounded out of the car and shook my partner's scraped knuckled hand. He simply smiled, cautioned me to drive carefully and off we went in separate directions.  I was thankful for the great assistance he provided in bringing my car back to life.

Reflecting back on that day I now see how important it is to sometimes come to a point where we allow others into our challenges and defer to their willingness to assist coupled with their knowledge and expertise.  This deferment can not only be a part of our private life's, but our business ventures as well.

We, at With Purpose, bring such a knowledge and expertise that help to not only provide diagnostic assistance through our knowledge and expertise, but a practical demonstration of rolling up our sleeves and "scraping" up our knuckles to assist your business and help that vision of yours to roar back to life.

Reach out to us today so that together we can work on any possible energy barriers that maybe hindering the full performance of your business.

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