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How To Handle Stress In The Workplace

For those individuals who say they work well under stress, consider the following statistics as it relates to undue stress in the workplace.

Statistically, it is estimated that stress in the workplace causes:

  • Roughly 120,000 deaths yearly.

  • A cost of $190 billion in healthcare or 5% to 8% of health care spending.

  • Collateral damage in associated families. 

Medically, stress negatively impacts the brain and reduces the individual's ability to cope and may lead to depression.

Secondly, stress places a severe strain on the individual's immune system.  This in turn affects the body's ability to ward off illness.

Thirdly, stress fosters inflammation within the body.  This unchecked inflammatory process may lead to a stroke or heart attack.

If neglected, stress in the workplace can cause poor work performance, loss of productivity, increased sick time taken by employees, etc.  

In addition, this may affect the company's bottom line through substandard work, loss of days on the job and possibly increase the company's health insurance costs.

Fortunately, there are a number of preventative measures that you as an employer can implement.

Some of those measures include:

  • Training for employees to improve their confidence and level of skills as well as training in recognizing stressors.

  • Realistic goal setting. 

  • Fair expectations as it relates to job performance and compensation.

  • Fostering a stress free work environment.

  • Leadership modeling of stress management.

  • Etc.

Please know that we at With Purpose, upon your invite, can evaluate your workplace as it relates to possible unwanted stress and make suggestions to mitigate stress in your workplace.  

We can accomplish this through leadership training, organizational development, strategic planning, analyzing communication channels, etc.

Reach out to us today to take the stress out of stress.