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Business Dementia

Is your business suffering from dementia?

Dementia is an insidious disease with many casualties.

The primary casualty is the afflicted individual and the degrees of thievery that are multileveled. 

The levels of loss are clinically diagnosed and compartmentalized into stages labeled as one to seven with seven being the final and most severe stage.  Embedded in these stages are a variety of symptoms ranging from loss of memory, inability to recognize loved ones, hallucinations, wandering, etc.

Unfortunately dementia ensnares the individual's mind and hampers progress and often transports and traps the beloved individual to a time past.

Pretty sad subject I know.  

However, we must reap postive lessons from life despite the circumstances we find ourselves or loved ones in.

Therefore, as a business owner or leader, it is important to discover or not whether your business is in the beginning stages of dementia?

One of the tell-tale symptoms is roaming.  As it relates to your business, is there a lack of direction or is the business simply go somewhere, but not headed anywhere?

Do you find that you are "stuck" in a period of outdated time?  The response of "this is the way we have always done it" does not maintain the company's or leadership viability in these ever changing times.  It is important to be challenged and adapt as necessary.

Is there hallunication?  Is the business model or service based on demands from customers or potential customers that are not real or indicated? 

Finally, is there no longer recognition of loved ones?  Is there a cultivation of business growth and nurturing of loved ones or team members.   Is there an enhancement of the work environment in order to increase productivity or a "forgetting" of the importance of each member?

At With Purpose we specialize in Organizational Development.  If invited, we will, along with leadership, diagnose your company to ascertain whether business dementia is a concern.  We will as needed, prescribe the medication of team building, goal setting, leadership development, etc. These effective medications will help to prevent or reverse the effects of business dementia.

Reach out today for your consultation.