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"This Is A Football"

"The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual." 

Vince Lombardi 

In the locker room of the Green Bay Packers, 38 members of the squad had gathered for the opening day of training camp.  It had been a very long and arduous summer as the last game played by the Packers was against the Philadelphia Eagles. In that game they had disappointed their fans, their city, their coach and themselves by letting a fourth-quarter lead disappear and consequently lose the championship to the Eagles.

In that locker room in the year 1961 of July, it was time for a reset. It was time to move on from that devastating loss, learn from it and not repeat the same mistakes. The entire coaching staff, with the exception of the head coach (Vince Lombardi), and team were ready for another winning season and the culmination of achieving another championship.

Lombardi, with the same goal in mind, had a different way of viewing things and moving towards the achievement of that goal of another championship being brought to the little City of Green Bay. 

At that first team meeting he glared at his team with steely eyes and began the new season by stating, as he held up a football, "Gentlemen, this is a football!"  There was no talk of past achievements, no words of sympathy for the devastating loss there was only focus…focus on the rudiments of the game.

Vince Lombardi assumed nothing when it came to football.  Football was his business and he wanted to win. Therefore, in holding up that football on that hot day in July in 1961, he stated to 38 seasoned football players, who had held a previous year's championship within their grasp, the basics of the game.  

He started the new season with fundamentals; the very building blocks of success in football or any other business for that matter.

That year the Packers were to go 13 and 1 and beat the New York Giants to earn them the championship game.  However, the success of the season was attributed to refocusing on fundamentals.

We, at With Purpose, want to help you reset your business if needed.  Perhaps by facilitating a business retreat, provide team leadership training, or simply by observing the basics of your business we want you and your team to possibly push beyond any plateaus and to enhance further growth.  

We want you to win and perhaps there needs to be a reset or a return to the basics that began your business journey of success.

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