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Team Flying

During the fall months, growing up in central Wisconsin always proved to be a special and exciting time of the year.  The richness of the splashed autumn colors would be painted on the tree leaves, the early frost would blanket the windows of homes and the inviting smell of burning wood permeated the evening air.

Adding to a typical fall day were the noisy travelers headed south.  It always seemed that the cold crisp morning air was disturbed with the honking sounds coming from the geese and other flocks of birds that were headed south for the winter. However, their perfect formations transfixed the gaze of onlookers as they looked heavenward and couldn't help but admire their grace and beauty.

Amazingly, there is much more to their flawless symmetrical flying.  There are aerodynamics in place and even better yet there are leadership lessons to be gleaned.

You have probably heard many times that as each bird extends their wings up and down they create uplift for their fellow travelers who are following immediately behind. It is estimated that when the flock flies in this formation that it increases the airborne range of the entire flock by 71%.

Therefore, if one of the birds leaves the formation it immediately senses and experiences a significant pull of resistance which adds to the labor of flying alone.  That particular wise bird soon regroups with the flock.

Also, it is been determined that when fatigue sets in on the lead bird, it then falls back in the formation and another take its place.  

Adding to the amazement of these birds flying in formation is the honking that occurs. This honking or quacking is not just wasted energy but serves a purpose. That purpose being that it is proven that the sounds emanating from the rest of the flock serve to encourage each of the traveling companions to maintain their speed.

So, other than heading south for the winter, let us state the obvious leadership parallels when it comes to studying a flock of geese or ducks. 

First of all, when flying in formation or when flying together we each empower one another to have a successful journey and reach the destination.  Secondly, in order to avoid burnout or fatigue, which can negatively impact job performance and ultimately impact business negatively, perhaps it is a good strategy to have co-leadership within an organization. 

Thirdly, within every organization, there is honking from behind. What sort of "honking" is being expressed within your business or company?  Is it negative "honking" such as what were they thinking or I could do better than that or who's not flying fast enough? Or is it positive "honking" such as "you did a great job," "can I help" or "let's work on this together?"

Finally, just as with the majestic sight of birds flying in perfect symmetry, bystanders will "look upward" to gaze admiringly when your business is flying like a team.  You will be noticed and new customers will be drawn as well as receiving the respect of you business peers.

At With Purpose we want to aid you in your "southerly" journey in order to reach your business destination.  Through team work building we will help your team to soar and fly above the trivial that would drag your business's efficiency and proficiency downward.  We also will "fly" with your team to enhance leadership skills within the organization for both the team leaders and the CEO.

Call us today with further questions or to begin our "aerodynamic" journey together.