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Barriers To Success


Barriers To Success

Author: Chris Aird

It is safe to assume that you personally or as a business owner have had to overcome barriers in your life.

These barriers to success loomed large and may, at times, seemed insurmountable.  However, you conquered. 

You did this by going through the barrier, under the barrier, over the barrier, removing the barrier, or around the barrier.  

The fact is you overcame the barrier and either you, your company or both were the better for it.

Case in point would be the catastrophic barrier to success experienced by Johnson & Johnson in 1982 in Chicago, IL.  

It was here in the Windy City that an individual, for whatever reason, targeted Extra Strength Tylenol; a painkiller that was one of Johnson and Johnson's best selling products to the tune of accounting for 17% of the company's net income in 1981.  This saboteur tampered with the product and introduced cyanide which resulted in seven people dying, distrust by the American consumer of this product and analysts predicting that the company would never recover from such a horrendous deed.

A barrier to success for Johnson & Johnson had been established.

Consequently, the company had choices to make. They could ignore the situation and leave it to the criminal authorities to clear them of any wrongdoing or they could have stopped the production of Tylenol or they could have embraced the barrier and create something good out of something sinister.

They chose the latter.

First of all, they recalled all of their Extra Strength Tylenol product which was the first time that a product had ever been recalled in the history of manufacturing.  They also offered to their customers a free replacement product that was manufactured in safer tablet form at no cost to the customer. Secondly, they created a tamperproof packaged product that would indicate to the consumer that their safety was a priority. Thirdly they communicated to the customer through an extensive media campaign and provided complete transparency.

Ultimately, the company recovered from this catastrophe and went on and continues to this day to be viable, productive and powerful pharmaceutical company.

In your company or in your personal life you may or may not have had to deal with the barrier to success in the same proportion or at the same level that Johnson & Johnson faced. 

However, we at some level or another have all had to face barriers to success in our own experience.

The formula utilized by Johnson & Johnson to face their barrier to success is the same formula that can be utilized by individuals or businesses. That formula is acknowledge the barrier to success, confront or embrace the challenge, strategize on solutions to the barrier keeping people in mind and then communicate the solution with complete transparency to the stakeholders.

Please know that we at With Purpose can assist you with your barriers to success. These barriers to success can be either demonstrated in your business and or your personal life.

Together, we can identify these barriers, embrace these barriers to strengthen your business or personal life, and communicate in complete transparency to our customers within and outside the organization or to your sphere of influence.