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Strength In Vision

The day had arrived for Pat as she returned to the homeless eye clinic.  She was excited because her new glasses had arrived.

The simple optometry clinic was one of three medical components set up to serve the homeless in the community.  This eye clinic was sponsored by the Lion's Clubs and their focus was in keeping with their mission of meeting the physical vision needs of individuals.

To honor their ongoing commitment to the community their logo was prominently displayed on one of the interior walls.  Along with their logo was included the striking and awe inspiring head of a majestic lion.

Pat was ushered into the room and when that special moment arrived the glasses were fitted and adjusted over her eyes.  Satisfied with the process, the optometrist asked, "Well, Pat, what do you think?"  

She began to look around the room and her tears spoke volumes of her new found vision and a reflection of her gratefulness.  And, in a deeply profound and precious moment, we all were emotionally moved as we realized the depth and impact of what we witnessed as Pat spoke her first words with corrected vision as she said, "Oh man, what a beautiful lion."

In that instant, we realized just how severe her bad eyesight was in that she could not see the huge lion painted on the wall of that transformative room.  

How appropriate that her vision had been corrected and that her first acknowledgement of this "miracle" was towards the symbol of those who envisioned this very powerful event in the lives of people. 

There are numerous inspirational takeaways that we can meditate on through the narration of this story.  We can talk about the plight of homelessness, the vision of the Lion's Club, the work of the homeless shelter, the value of volunteers in providing optometry services, etc.

We could even draw parallels with the vision acuity of the lion, their tremendous ability to see nocturnally and that their eyes are slit horizontally to increase the effectiveness of their vision six times over.

However, this time around, let us reflect on the valuable lessons learned by the staff at that homeless shelter.

On that day and in that hour and moment their already dedicated and selfless service took on even more clarity.  They realized the extreme visual impairment of that client. Indeed, it seems they saw more than a client, they saw Pat the person.

Pat saw.  She saw the lion.  Her vision was restored and the staff's vision for their ministry took on an even greater focus as well.

In your workplace, the business senses and possible vision of the staff and leadership has become clouded.  

Perhaps it has been a while since the last "vision" exam for your staff and leadership.

We at With Purpose are available to provide that "eye" exam and provide the tools necessary to bring back focus.

To restore the strength of your workplace vision reach out to us at www.withpurposellc.com or through e-mail at chrisaird@withpurposellc.com.