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Business Mulligan

For all intents and purposes or recent charity golf tournament was a financial success.

Our net profit was well over $40,000 and was comprised of a number of income line items that blended together to achieve our financial success.

Some of those income line items included the Pro Shot, the Putting Contest, Raffle Tickets, Live Auction, etc.

Surprisingly, one of the more lucrative line items to add to our not-for-profit coffers was the purchase of Mulligan's which netted us $1,400.  

A Mulligan is one of those unique components of a golf game, when agreed upon by the other golfers in the tournament, which allows for the golfer to nullify a bad shot and claim a Mulligan. For our tournament, at a cost of an extra $20, the golfer was able to purchase four additional Mulligan's to aid in their golf game on that day.

Interestingly, this got me to thinking about the origin of a Mulligan. 

One story is told about a golfer in Canada who was a semi-Pro in the 1920s. While traveling with his golfing team in a 1920s vintage Briscoe, the golfer, by the name of David Bernhard Mulligan, took a bad shot off of the opening tee and quickly took a second shot. His claim was that his hands had no feeling in them due to the vibration of the steering wheel while traveling on the rough road to the golf course.

Later in an interview, he would explain to the sportswriter that he took a second shot because of numbness in his hands and he said that what else was he going to call a correction shot other than a Mulligan.

Wouldn't it be wonderful in our day-to-day business activities if we could do a "do over" or take a Mulligan.

Perhaps a Mulligan could be claimed in the hiring of that new employee that didn't work out or perhaps a Mulligan could be claimed if we hadn't invested in that new inventory system after finding out that a newer and cheaper system came available or perhaps we could claim a do over when we should've expanded our service or vice versa.

We at With Purpose cannot offer a Mulligan to you or your leadership team. However, we can sit down with you and along side of you to help analyze your organization to strategize about decision-making, team building, leadership training, vision and goal setting, etc.  Together, we can analyze your "golf game" business to enhance your "swing" and business techniques to avoid the need for wanting a Mulligan.

Reach out to us today so that together we can get your business into the swing of things and minimize the need for wanting to take a Mulligan.