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Are you a cheerleader in your organization?

It had only been a couple of days since the "passing of the guard."  

The not-for-profit that I worked for had transferred the past leadership couple to a different locale and new leadership had arrived and was beginning to settle in.

True to form and in keeping with standard operating procedures, a staff meeting was soon scheduled and all of the employees were gathered together to get acquainted with the new leadership and get a sense of their leadership style and who they were as people.

Introductions were made and due to the fact that they had served many years, quite a bit of time was set aside for the new leadership to share with the staff their impressive resume, talk about their family and their vision for the organization based on their interaction with the board and their brief encounter with community leaders.

Surprisingly, however, it was not a typical "meet and greet" session between new leadership and the "boots on the ground" that provided life changing services to the needy in the community. 

In fact, it turned out to be extraordinarily different.

They were quite engaging and the reality of their experience and wisdom came shining through.  His various clever quips included a new definition of the golden rule which states, "They who have the gold...rule."  He also talked about meeting and engaging our donors and gave his philosophy when it came to estate planning. He remarked, "Remember, where there is a will there is a relative."

How refreshing!  And most of all he presented his style of leadership to us by stating that their role as the head of the organization was to simply be cheerleaders. 

They further explained that their favorite managerial expression was "to stay in your lane."  The power of this illustrative remark was not only offered to us, but one that they tried to stay true to as well.  The explanation offered was that we as the staff were the "experts" and if they could do our job then there would be no need for our positions.  Consequently, they pledged their loyalty to this philosophy of leadership style and promised just to cheerlead or cheer us on.

And that they did as we all responded with our best efforts in serving others because of the trust they placed in us and in cheering us on through the celebration of service and encouraging us when we sometimes missed the mark.

In fact, if the truth be known, we were nominated and awarded the Charity of Year Award for our community the following calendar year.  I believe this honor was directly attributable to the leadership style that permeated our work ethic.

At With Purpose we stand ready to be invited into your organization to not only analyze your leadership style, your management team's lane management, but together suggest and implement those suggested changes.  

We will be your most stalwart cheerleader. 

Reach out to us today to begin your journey of improving and honing your business to continue in the lane of success.