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Business Recipes

There is a story that is told about a young child who was helping their mother in preparation for Sunday's dinner.  

The child did the best they could in peeling the potatoes, helping mom prepare the green bean casserole and getting the rolls ready to be placed in the oven.  

Of course, being the inquisitive child that they were, the questions kept coming.  

Why was the seasoning placed on the green beans? Why did you take the skin off of the potatoes? Did it hurt? Why was the sheet greased before putting on the rolls? etc. and etc.

In addition, the main course for the family's Sunday meal was a pot roast.  Again, the questions came like where does the pot roast come from? Why the use of the various seasonings? Why is the meat tied together with "shoelaces"? The mother laughed at the questions that were offered and did her best to answer the serious questions that were asked.

Finally, before the roast was placed into the roasting pan, the mother cut off from each end of the roast about a half an inch and set those uncooked portions aside.  True to form the little boy then asked his mom why she had cut the ends of the meat off? Was that meat bad?

The mother stopped, paused a bit and then said, "I don't know."   She continued, "We will have to ask Nana."

Well sure enough, when Nana came over to visit the family the little boy had remembered this kitchen encounter and, with mom present, asked Nana why the ends of the meat were cut off.  The grandmother chuckled and responded that was something she had to do because the roasting pan was not big enough for the cuts of meat that were available.

And so, let us look at the "pot roast being cooked in your business."  Certainly, it makes sense both in the kitchen and in the business world to adhere to a "recipe." Often, these "recipes" are tried and true and are tasty and they work.

However, some of our business practices are based upon the fact that this is always the way that we done it and never thought twice about not following those business practices because that's the way we learned. We never questioned the methods or steps that we took because we always ended up with a tasty pot roast despite the fact that we left some of meat uncooked.

Perhaps, in your business it's time to really think about certain practices or to challenge these practices as meaningful and followed because that's the way it was always done.  

In other words, invite a different perspective, challenge some of your business thinking and practices and perhaps find yourself utilizing all of your resources rather than leaving some of those resources underutilized or not used at all.

We at With Purpose stand ready to be invited into your kitchen.  If invited we will observe, ask questions and will most definitely offer suggestions so that you and your company's "family" will take advantage of all of your "resources" and therefore help to increase productivity and profitability through insight and challenge your business "pot roast" preparations.