With Purpose
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how do I know if With Purpose is a good match for my business?

We can help almost any business or non-profit organization. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your situation confidentially and will immediately let you know.


I have been in business for many years. I am looking for a consultant to help me increase revenue, profit, team engagement, and help me transition out of the day-to-day operations. Can you partner with me?

YES, as long as you are open to keeping your focus on the horizon. This kind of work takes time, usually at least six months, but sometimes a year or longer.


Do you provide client references?

We are happy to provide client references to serious prospects once we have held initial discussions and have tentatively agreed on the scope and structure of an engagement.


Everything we do is tailored to the individual situation. If you tell us your budget, as long as it is reasonable, we can work with it. Our focus is on delivering HIGH VALUE to clients.

I need help but have a very limited budget. Can you still help?


Once we have determined that there is a good match, we can send you a mutual non-disclosure agreement. This agreement protects both parties from disclosure of confidential information. And as a client of With Purpose, our agreement shares our confidentiality promise.

My company has very confidential and proprietary information. Do you sign non-disclosure agreements?


Most of our clients have asked for confidentiality, so we do not divulge any information about them beyond their industry and a general description of the type of services we provided them. 

Why don’t you list more clients’ names on your website?


Yes. We work with non-profit organizations, including counties and municipalities. Several of our largest and most complex engagements have been with non-profit organizations.

Do you work with non-profit organizations?


Yes. We continue to work with clients in this situation. You will need to do the "heavy lifting" with the market research (which can be very time consuming), while we limit our role to acting as facilitators and business advisors. This plays to our strengths and will keep your expenses to a minimum. The process can take several months, but results in a very strong business plan.

I have been thinking about a new business for a long time. I need someone to help me go through all of my ideas to sort through them and develop a realistic business plan. And I need to do this on a limited budget. Can you help me?


YES. We also help clients with a wide variety of other issues. These include management consulting, marketing execution, operations consulting, and more.

Your focus seems to be on business planning and strategy. Do you also help clients with marketing or strategy execution?


The length of our consulting engagements has varied from a couple of weeks for training to a few years for change management and business transformation initiatives.

How long will our consulting relationship last?


A coach works on growing the person while a consultant is more of an expert you turn to for help with your business.

What is the difference between a coach and a consultant?


Originating from the author Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich, a mastermind group is a collaborative approach to help you navigate through challenges using the wisdom, experience, and knowledge of others. People will find solutions to their problems or a different perspective with input from the others in the group. Opportunities exist to see a change in yourself and your business.

what is a mastermind group?