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Consulting Services

Real consulting for Leaders, Teams, & Entrepreneurs.

When driving, you aren't looking over the hood of the car are you?

No, you are driving with your eyes up, fixed on the horizon, shifting them every few seconds at the various mirrors, and using your peripheral vision. You have use of 180 degrees and if paying attention, you are able to see what is happening.

So why do we as people or businesses get "tunnel vision" as if we are looking over the hood of our life or business? Part of it is, we become fixated on that particular moment of the day or situation. Often, it can also be about not having a strategic plan in place to get us to our horizon, goals, or destination.

Just like other individuals and businesses, we can help you and yours as well.

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How We Can Help

Executive Consulting

As executive consultants, we support the backbone of the company. We provide guidance and tools that assist with company mergers, exit strategies, conflict resolution, operations, strategic planning, etc. We provide 1 on 1 training to help you become the best leader for you and your team.  

Business Development

As business consultants, we help you and your team develop a strategic plan that builds a clear vision for the success of your business. We assist our clients with budgets, long-term business goals, performance goals, etc.

Leadership & Team Development

As leadership consultants, we help you create an environment that empowers all employees. We assess the Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values for the organization and partner with you to create an action plan for your company. We provide various assessments to optimize team effectiveness and set new leaders up for success, show them how to lead the way, and implement opportunities to sustain success.

Keynote Speaker & Trainer

Being a successful leader is much more than applying learned and experienced behaviors. Public speaking is a skill that helps in business AND personal life. With a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership, a certified speaker with the John Maxwell Team, and passion to engage others, we speak on a variety of topics. Contact us for your next event!

Sales & Sales Leadership Assessments

Do you have an underperforming sales manager who misses revenue goals or has an unfocused team? We can help transform your company’s sales managers into sales LEADERS. Our Sales Impact Report and Workshop provides unique insight for everyone on your sales team.

Communication Impact Assessment

Are you communicating with your team as effectively as possible? Our communication impact assessment provides valuable insight into how to communicate in a way that focuses on your strengths as well as to whom you are communicating. By applying the right communication strategies with each individual, you begin to speak their language, increasing the effectiveness of communication and deepening connection.

Team Collaboration Workshops

Creating and sustaining team collaboration requires an intentional approach and a clear understanding of the foundation. Our team collaboration workshop brings teams together in a trusting environment to find solutions. We also teach teams when not to collaborate in order to avoid wasting time and energy.

D.I.S.C. Personality Assessments

DISC is a type of personality and human behavior assessment. The DISC profiles consist of four different behavioral personality types: Drive, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance. DISC is essential in helping you know who to hire and how to develop a stronger sense of team unity.


Interested in growing your business through the power of marketing? Let us help you developing a marketing strategy and execute it. We will assess your social media platforms, email campaigns, branding and overall web presence to develop a marketing plan specialized for you and your business.

Non- Profits

At With Purpose, we understand the unique challenges that are experienced by non-profits. Some of those unique challenges include Board Development (Board of Directors and Advisory Board), recruiting volunteers, communication with stakeholders and, of course, ensuring that ample revenue or a successful fundraising plan is in operation.

The leadership team at With Purpose LLC brings thirty plus years of non-profit experience. This experience includes managing staff (paid and volunteer), fundraising (special events, United Way relations, successful securing of monies through grants, major gifts, etc.).

Through our offering of our non-profit module we can assist the non-profit in:

  • Special Event

  • Identifying potential foundation resources

  • Grant writing

  • Writing of newsletters

  • Board Development

  • Writing of blogs

  • Major gifts

  • Marketing

Please contact us so that together we can discuss your specific non-profit needs and work together in providing your focused agency challenges as you provide your valuable service.